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Eyelash Extensions & Lash Lift 



A Classic set is the most natural set that we offer. It is a set that focuses on the length and curl rather than volume. 


Textured Classic

Textured Classic is similar to the Classic set in terms of the set focusing on the length and Curl however, differentiate by having texture (wispiness).


Signature Wetlook 

Our most popular set that offers length, curl, wispiness and dark lash line. It is a set designed to replicate a wet mascara look. 


Signature Cashmere Wetlook

The Cashmere Wetlook is a replica of our Signature Wetlook Set but differentiate by being lighter in weight. This is ideal for those wanting the wetlook mascara effect but have very fine, weak natural lashes. 



A mix of Classic and Volume. It can be altered to look full or light depending on what is requested. 

Hybrid is ideal for those wanting to slowly transition to a volume set.


Wispy Hybrid

A mix of Classic, Volume and Wispy. It has the same volume as a hybrid but is more dramatic as it has spikes added on the top layer of the natural lash. 


Natural Volume

This is the lightest volume set we offer. It consists of 3D fans applied to one natural lash. It has a similar style as a hybrid but is more fluffier. 


Full Volume

A set that is in between a Light Volume and a Russian Volume. It consists of 5D fans applied per natural lash.

It is ideal for those wanting volume, length and curl. 


Cashmere Volume

The newest lash style that is currently trending worldwide. Cashmere Volume is lighter in weight but has a darker appearance. It is ideal for those who hav e fine, weak natural lashes but are wanting a volume set.  


Russian Volume

This set is created using handmade fans applied to the natural lash. There are many benefits of handmade fans which include being able to customise each fan to suit the natural lash. We use 8D-10D fans when making our handmade fans. 


Wispy Volume

Our most popular Volume set. It consists of both fullness and wispiness. This is perfect for those wanting something dramatic and will show on photos. 


Mega Volume

The fullest of them all. Mega Volume is the fullest and most dramatic set that we offer. 


Lash Lift

Lash lift is a procedure where the natural lashes are relaxed using a lash lift solution and curled using a lash lift rod. It is ideal for those wanting something low maintenance that will last 6-8 weeks. 


Lash Lift & Tint

This service is the same as our lash lift service but differentiate by having a tint added to the natural lash. A tint is ideal for those wanting their natural lashes darker and more enhanced. 

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