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Our policy is put into place to protect our business and our customers. 

All policies listed below must be adhered to at all times when booking an appointment with us



All bookings require a deposit to secure the appointment. This is 50% of the total service, the other 50% must be paid in the studio before or after your service has finished.

In any case that you must cancel your appointment, a 48hr notice is needed to be eligible for a refund. If less than 48hrs notice is given, Lashmaer Beauty Studio Ltd. has the right to mark the deposit paid as a late cancellation fee.


If booking through the booking system, you must pay the deposit before you can confirm your appointment. If booking through our social media’s, the deposit must be paid to the following bank account with your name as reference by the end of the day:




Lashmaer Beauty



We do not offer any payment options such as after pay or lay-buy. Remaining payments must be paid in full in the studio before or after your service. Payments can be done by the following below:


EFTPOS: we do not offer payWave or credit so please ensure to be prepared with the correct card.

CASH: if paying by cash, please ensure to bring the correct amount with you as we may not always have change in the studio.

BANK TRANSFER: if paying by bank transfer, please make sure to do this before your appointment. Your beauty tech will ask for proof of payment after your service so please ensure to take a screenshot of payment.



A 48 hrs notice is needed to cancel any appointment. If less than 48hrs notice is given, the deposit paid will be forfeited and marked as a late cancellation fee.

If cancellation is due to an unforeseeable circumstance such as sickness or covid, at least 24hrs notice must be given- deposit will not be eligible for a refund however, can be used to reschedule to a different date/time. If less than 24hrs notice is given, the deposit will be forfeited and marked as a late cancellation fee.



To reschedule an appointment, you must give a 48 hrs notice. This is to ensure that we are given enough time to fill the spot you had with another client.

Any rescheduled appointments will less than 48 hrs notice will need to have another deposit be paid to secure the new appointment.

If rescheduling is due to an unforeseeable circumstance such as sickness or covid, at least 24hrs notice must be given to be able to put the deposit forward to the new appointment. If less than 24 hrs notice is given, a new deposit must be paid.



Under any circumstance do we tolerate no-shows. If you are late for 15 or more minutes without any notice about your ETA, your appointment will be deemed as a no-show.

Clients who perform a no show will be immediately blocked from our booking system and blacklisted.



Please ensure that you time yourself properly and consider traffic when making your way to your appointment. If ETA is given, we will give up to 30mins for your arrival. If you are late for more than 30mins we will need to mark the appointment as a no-show. This is due to not having enough time to give you a proper full set of your service



2.2 PLUS 1’S

Clients may bring plus 1’s with them to their appointment however, they cannot at any circumstance enter the lashing area, nail station or sit with you while your beauty tech is performing your service. This is due to health and safety as we deal with a lot of sharp objects such as tweezers, scissors etc. It is also extremely distracting for your beauty tech and may result in your service not being the best it can be.


We only allow one support person per client due to the space we have in our studio. We will always priorities our clients waiting for their appointment so if there are no chairs available, your support person may need to stand up while waiting for you, so please keep this in consideration.



We do not allow children under the age of 10 in the studio so please ensure that you plan ahead if you have children. Under any circumstance are babies allowed in the lashing area with you while your beauty tech is performing your service. This is a major health and safety risk as babies tend to move around a lot which can distract and make it harder for your beauty tech to complete your service.


Children who can take care of themselves can sit in the waiting area, however if they make disruptive noise or touch/damage any of our properties we may ask you to leave the studio. In this instance, you are given the choice to leave them in the car or leave your appointment early however, the remaining payment of the service is still payable.




Lashmaer Beauty Studio does not offer any refunds on any of the services performed. This is due to the time and product that has been used. If you have an issue with your set, please contact us within 48hrs so that we can fix the issue. Any clients who contact us past the 48hrs will not be eligible for any complimentary fix-ups.



If you have any issue with your set such as retention issue, please contact us within 48 hrs so that we can book you in to have a look at your set and fix the issue. Anything past 48 hrs is considered as poor aftercare.


Mini Infills are offered to those having retention issues with their lash set provided they give 48hrs notice. We no longer have mini infills on our price list, you must now booked for a full infills.



It is very rare that an individual can develop an allergy reaction to their set however, it is still possible.

If you notice that you are having an allergic reaction, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can remove the set for you.


Please note that your total service will not be refunded.


For medications you will need to consult with your doctor with what the best treatment is for the allergy reactions.


Signs of allergy reaction can be but not limited to the following:

Itchy eyelids

Red eyes

Irritated and watery eyes

Burning or Stinging sensation around or in the eye(s)

Runny nose

Swelling of the eyelids




If you have quite sensitive skin/eyes, it is recommended to do a patch test 3 days before your appointment. Please contact us to arrange this.


Patch test is important to ensure you do not react badly to the products that we use however, is not always 100% accurate.




Clients must park at a visitor car park at all times. Visitor car parks can be found by the front before you enter the driveway. These car parks will have ‘VISITORS’ on them. Car parks with numbers on them are reserved and at any circumstance are you allowed to park there.


Lashmaer Beauty Studio Ltd. is not responsible for any cars towed due to parking at a reserved car parks.




Lashmaer Beauty Studio Ltd. has the right to publish any photographs and/or videos taken to any of our social media platform (Facebook, Instagram & Tik Tok) and website. We will always ask for consent before taking photos or videos. If you do not wish to have your photos or videos taken, please let us know and we will respect your wishes.




Lashmaer Beauty Studio Ltd. does not tolerate any rude/racist/offensive /vulgar behaviour to staff or other clients. You will be asked to leave the studio or if become physical, it will be escalated and the police will be called.


Please note that we do have a 24/7 security cameras in the premises.

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